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Years ago I was approached by a friend of a friend, asking me to organise and decorate her daughter’s wedding. I thought this an odd request as I was not a wedding stylist at the time. It turns out that my history in holding parties and helping friends plan and organize weddings, gave her the impression that wedding decor was my job.

That misunderstanding must have sparked a flicker of interest in me, interest that grew into fondness of floristry and styling. I say this because I began making bouquets for friends and arrangements for churches, and I was a constant presence in the wedding circuit in my Romanian community.

One day I happened to walk past an advertisement in a street window, offering flower design classes. I acted impulsively and signed up on the spot.  I fell in love with floral design and enrolled in a course.

I initially started the business only doing flowers, but my experience and knowledge in organising events helped me branch out into also styling and decorating weddings.

Now we offer an all-inclusive wedding package and strive to recreate a bride’s dream day.

Emilia, Owner – Stylish Flowers & Weddings

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